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10-20-2004 - Added a page for my resume. It could probably use some more work, but I'm pretty happy with it for now.

10-06-2004 - Today I added another HowTo document, on how to backup data from a Linux / BSD machine to a Windows share.

06-21-2004 - I've added some OIDs for SNMP monitoring in the How-To's section. Hopefully people will find it helpful.

04-21-2004 - I have finally added the search function to the bottom of the page. Please give it a try and let me know if you run into any problems!

04-02-2004 - I am working on adding a search feature to the site. Check back soon for an update on the progress

11-14-2003 - Added a "Secure Web Browsing" how-to.

06-23-2003 - I have created a "how-to" section here.

04-21-2002 - A few more links have been added, nothing terribly exciting. I'm going to be putting more personal info at:

03-25-2002 - I've updated several of the pages... nothing terribly exciting or fun. I wonder if I will ever actually finish this project, or if it is simply a dream. I first started with this thing in 1996. Granted, it's change a lot over the years... but sure not much content!

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